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Elastyczne  rolowane bramy przeciwpożarowe

Flexible rolling fire gates AK60/AK120

Flexible rolling fire gates AK60 and AK120 are ultra-light, with weight not exceeding 2,5 kg/m².

Rolowane kurtyny przeciwpożarowe

Rolling fire curtains AKE120

Light flexible elastic fire curtain (internal or external), made of special, silicon coated fibre cloth...

Przesuwne bramy przeciwpożarowe

N80 and N150 series gates

Standard N series gate construction: EI 30 or EI 120 fire resistant three layered profile...

Kurtyny dymowe

Smoke curtains

Smoke curtains, constituting, according to PN-EN 12101-1:2007, the partition limiting movement and spreading of hot fire gases...

Bramy do klatek  Faraday'a

Shielding gates for Faraday cages

For years NGR Technologie have also had in their product range gates with electromagnetis shielding function.

Safe storage space...

Who are we?

NGR Technologie was established in 2006 with the view of introducing the high-technology solutions in the field of fire protection. We put emphasis on high quality products considering the highest safety standards of produced final goods.

NGR Technologie operates dynamically on the European market. All products have domestic approvals or CE.

NGR Technologie implemented many significant contracts and we are proud of the fact that our products can be found in many corners of Europe.

We regularly take care of development of our products and constantly improve them, our personnel comprises of outstanding professionals and we always do our best to satisfy our customers' expectations.

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