Flexible rolling fire gates AK60 ( EI 60 ) and AK120 (EI 120)

are ultra-light, with weight not exceeding 2,5 kg/m².



Technical Approval: AT-15-9618/2016
Certificate: ITB - 2416/W
Type: Rolling / Selfbearing
Fire resistance class: EI 60 (AK 60)
EI 120 (AK 120)
Weight: Approx. 2,5 kg/m²
Max. dimensions: (W) 10 000 x (H) 4500 mm
Closing speed: Approx. 12 cm/s
  • AK type gates have two shafts, on which two flexible leaves are simultaneously wound.
  • A leaf consists of an elastic fibre which ensures fire-tightness and insulation material, ensuring temperature tightness of minimum 60 to 120 minutes (depending on a gate type).
  • Lower edge of a leaf ends wita a bottom bar, made of galvanised steel profiles DX51D + Z275 (PN-EN 10346:2015).
  • Flexible rolling fire gates AK60 and AK120 are designed to be used as closures in construction’s vertical openings and comply with fire resistance classes:
    • EI 60 according to PN-EN 13501-2+A1:2010
      – for AK60 (EI 60) and
    • EI 120 according to PN-EN 13501-2+A1:2010
      – for AK120 (EI 120)

bramy elastyczne

  • Fire resistance classes of AK60 and AK120 rolling gates have been defined in ITB’s (Technical Institute) Technical Approval Nr: AT-15-9618/2016.
  • The lenght of both leaves is designed to adhere tightly to the bottom surface when closed, leaves do not touch each other at any point.
  • Visible steel elements are galvanised, other primed with anti-corrosive paint.
  • Alarm closing speed: approximately 12 cm/s
  • Set of optical smoke detectors in the number proper to the width of the gate and building conditions


Gates can be assembled to walls:

  • Of full brick, with the width not less than 250mm,
  • Of concrete, with the width not less than 150mm,
  • Other complying with fire safety regulations.


Flexible rolling fire gates AK60 (EI 60) i AK120 (EI 120) consist of two leaves, minimum distance between the leaves is 415 mm and maximum dimension in the opening light:

  • width 10 000 mm,
  • height 4 500 mm.


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