N80 and N150 series gates



Technical approval: AT-15-9594/2016
Certificate: ITB - 2496/W
Type: horizontally sliding
Resistance class: EI 30 (N 80)
EI 120 (N 150)
Weight: approx. 20,5 kg/m² (N 80)
approx. 29,5 kg/m² (N 150)
Max. dimensions: (S) 10 000 x (W) 4 500 mm**
Closing speed: Approx. 20 cm/s

**Bigger dimensions available on request


Standard N series gate construction:

  • EI 30 or EI 120 fire resistant three layered profile, steel sheeting, coated in RAL 9002 on visible side and RAL 7035 on the inside; optional painting in any standard RAL Classic palette colour
  • Minera wool as filling between steel layers of thickness 115/m3 (weight-20,5 kg/m2 for N80 (EI30) and 29,5 kg/m2 dla N150(EI120)).
  • Zinc coated steel shell handles on both sides.
  • Panels fitted with galvanised steel double profiles with termic separation,
  • Additional sealing with galvanised labyrinth gaskets Promaseal sealing,
  • Gate runs on upper galvanised steel rail fixed to lintel with two dimension adjustable consoles. Opening light not limited with any gate’s part.
  • Manual opening and automatic closing by counterweight release, electric lock keeps the gate open,
  • 24V(900mA) with closing speed control mechanism (from 0,08 to 0,2 m/sec.).
  • Connector frame of galvanised steel. Gate can be connected to superior security system



  • One or two winged pass door in the gate with panic bar,
  • Electric drive to suport opening – recommended for oversized gates,
  • Stainless steel fittings,
  • Accessories kit: smoke detectors, acoustic and optical signallers, alarm release buton



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