Rolling fire curtains AKE120

Technical Approval: AT-15-9618/2016
Certificate: ITB - 2416/W
Type: Rolling
Fire resistance class: E 120
E 120 / EW 60
Max. dimensions: (W) 16 000 x (H) 6 000 mm
Closing speed: Approx. 12 cm/s
Weight: Approx. 1 kg/m² (for E 120)
Approx. 2,5 kg/m² (for E120 / EW 60)
  • Light flexible elastic fire curtain (internal or external),
  • Curtain’s leaf made of special, silicon coated fibre cloth, grey in colour, with glass fibre, strengthened with precious steel wire
  • Safety devices against ripping the gate off its slideways
  • Visible steel elements galvanised(shaft’s casing, bottom bar, slideways), other primed with anti-corrosive paint,
  • Shaft built-in within a galvanised steel casing,
  • Tubular electric drive with power and torque equivalent to dimension and gate weight, complete cabling with control unit,
  • Microprocessor control unit enables connection to the building security system and cooperation with other elements of fire protection system. Monitoring of the curtain status possible through „gate open” , „gate closed” , „alarm” connectors.
  • Opening speed : approx.. 8 - 12 cm/s,
    Emergency closing speed : approx. 12 cm/s,
  • A glass cased release button,
  • Batteries set which keeps gate in open position and assure full functionality in case of power cut,
  • Acoustic indicator ( 100 dB ), active during emergency closing,
  • Smoke detectors (total number depends on opening width and lintel height)


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