Electromagnetic shielding gates for Faraday cages



For years NGR Technologie have also had in their product range gates with electromagnetis shielding function used mainly in high voltage labs or Faraday cages. Proper closing of an entrance to the test hall has a crucial impact on effective testing without any electromagnetic noise from the outside.


Gates types:

  • Rolling
  • Sectional
  • Sliding
  • Steel stripe rolling curtain


Our experience and creativity allow us to help customers in choosing and designing the proper Solutions according to their demand.


Optional assembly ways:

  • Gate completely insulated from steel construction of the building,
    • 20kV
    • 30kV
    • Do 60kV
  • Gate fixed to the steel construction of the building with the use of conductive materials to ensure perfect conduction.



brama do klatek Faradaya

Faraday cage closing 10 000 x 15 000 mm, electromagnetic shield with fire-resistance index EI120 and soundproof index of 24 dB.

bramy do klatek Faradaya


Steel rolling gate for Faraday cage



brama stalowa rolowana

All gates can be equipped with additional security devices such as contact bottom bar, photocells, optical and acoustic signallers, etc. Radio remote control is possible, too.

On demand, during the project, a customer may be provided with 3D visualisation of ordered solution to look into it.

We only use high quality materials in order to achieve top results as well as ensure product durability.

xperienced and trained technical department is a guarantee of perfect performance with all required parameters and offer their assistance during the project and after its completion.

Flexible dates of realisation and constant supervision over the manufacturing proces enable full controll over the production and delivery.

All products are given 2 year warranty with an option to extend based on regular servicing.

brama z funkcją ekranowania elektromagnetycznego

4 000 x 8 000 mm electromagnetic shielding 60 dB gate.


Steel stripe curtains designed to divide to protect unused equipment from electrical discharging during tests.

We have produced the biggest in the world gate of this type in the dimension of 38 000 x 34 000mm to divide two parts of a testing area.


kurtyna paskowa



stalowa kurtyna


Steel stripe curtain 38 000 x 34 000mm serving as aprotection from electrical discharging.



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